We serve buffet lunch on weekdays
11:00 am – 3:00 pm.

A la Carte Restaurant

Our a la carte dishes are made from local ingredients, with respect for traditions.

Olli's Bar

The legendary Olli's Bar is situated in our restaurant lounge. Sing or listen to karaoke!


A la Carte menu

LL = low-lactose L = lactose-free G = gluten-free D = dairy-free

A la Carte menu (pdf)


1. Breaded onion rings with aioli (L) 4,80

2. Gardener’s salad (D,G) 5,90/11,90
Mixed lettuce with citrus vinaigrette, macerated tomatoes,
cucumber and roasted nuts

3. Escargots in garlic (L) 12,40
Escargots in garlic with toasted bread

4. Vendace roe of lake Kitka Hotku style (L) 12,90
Warm buckwheat cakes served with cold smoked salmon
mousse, fish roe and red onion mosaic

5. Salmon salad (L) 12,90/15,90
Mixed lettuce seasoned with lemon vinaegrette, macarated
tomatoes, cucumber and salmon from Arctic sea

6. Chicken salad (L) 11,20/14,90
Mixed lettuce seasoned with herd-infused oil, cucumber,
macarated tomatoes and chiken fillet.
Served with toasted bread (contains gluten)


7. Wild mushroom soup (L) 9,90/12,50
Creamy mushroom soup served with herb-infused oil
and flatbread (contains gluten)

8. Chef’s salmon soup (L) 10,50/13,50
Creamy cold smoked salmon soup served with toasted rye bread
(contains gluten)

9. Smoked reindeer soup (L) 9,90/13,40
Creamy smoked reindeer soup seasoned with local cheese.
Served with toasted flatbread (contains gluten)

Vegetable and pasta dishes

10. Vegetable pot (L) 13,40
Seasoned vegetables in tomato sauce gratinated with cheese.
Served with toasted bread (contains gluten)

11. Vegetarian pasta (L) 13,90
Roasted vegetables, tomato sauce, herb-insufed oil,
Emmentaler cheese and penne pasta

12. Chicken pasta (LL) 16,90
Grilled chicken fillet, our own butter sauce,
Emmertaler cheese and penne pasta

13. Reindeer pasta (L) 15,90
Smoked reindeer and cheese sauce,
Emmentaler cheese and penne pasta


14. Seared salmon (L,G) 21,90
Salmon from the Arctic Sea, wild mushroom sauce,
herb potatoes and oven-roasted root vegetables

15. Fried vendace (L) 19,90
Vendace from Kuusamo, mashed potato and butter and onion sauce

Steak and meat dishes

16. Hefty burger (L) 16,90
House’s burger with 2 beef patties (75g), Cheddar cheese, lettuce,
tomato, pickled cucumber, ketchup and burger dressing.
Served with country-style fries and ketchup

17. Grilled pepper pork (L) 19,50
Pork sirloin steak (180g), country-style fries,
cognac-peppercorn sauce and vegetables

18. Beef with goat cheese (L,G) 26,90
Beef sirloin steak (150 g), grilled goat cheese, devil’s jam,
red wine sauce, deep-fried steak potatoes and vegetables

19. House grilled steak (LL,G) 24,90
Beef sirloin steak (150 g), our own butter sauce,
deep-fried steak potatoes and vegetables

20. Pepper steak (L,G) 33,50
Beef tenderloin steak (150 g), deep-fried garlic potatoes,
cognac-peppercorn sauce and vegetables

21. Sautéed reindeer (L,G) 23,90
Mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickled cucumber

22. Reindeer herder’s holiday (L,G) 36,90
bacon-wrapped reindeer sirloin noisettes, wild mushroom and
read wine sauce, blackcurrant jelly, garlic potatoes and roasted
root vegetables


23. Lappish-style chicken (L,G) 19,90
grilled chicken fillet, smoked reindeer sauce, deep-fried steak
potatoes and roasted root vegetables

24. Chicken with goat cheese (L,G) 19,90
Grilled chicken fillet, red wine sauce, goat cheese, devil’s jam,
country-style fries and vegetables

For children

Children 0–6 years/Junior 7–12 years.

1. Mixed plate (L) 10,90
Country-style fries, meatballs, frankfurters,
battered chiken and ketchup

2. Captain’s favourite salmon (L,G) 8,90/10,90
Grilled salmon, mashed potatoes, lettuce, tomato and cucumber

3. Junior burger 5,90/with fries 10,90
Kids burger with beef patty (75g), lettuce, tomato,
pickled cucumber ketchup and burger dressing.
Served with or without country-style fries

4. Sautéed reindeer for children (L,G) 8,90/12,90
Mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam and pickled cucumber

5. Chicken basket for juniors (L) 7,50/9,50
Deep-fried chicken and country-style fries with ketchup


25. Squeaky cheese braised in cinnamon cream (LL,G) 11,50
served with cloudberry jam

26. Chocolate dream (LL) 11,20
warm chocolate fondant, chocolate ice cream
with chocolate sauce and raspberry sauce

27. Blueberry crumble and vanilla ice cream (L) 10,50
warm freshly-baked blueberry crumble served with vanilla ice cream

28. Cranberry creme brulee (L,G) 9,90
Classic dessert made with our own recipe.
Served scorched with cane sugar

29. Frozen cranberries with caramel sauce (LL,G) 9,20
Served with hot caramel sauce

30. Ice cream with sauce 4,50
Dish of ice cream of your choice: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or
liquorice. Sauce options: chocolate, strawberry or caramel


Espresso 3,50

Cappucino 3,90

Latte 4,20

Irish Coffee 10,20
Jameson 4 cl, coffee

Café Disaronno 8,90
Disaronno liqueur 4 cl, coffee

French Coffee 11,90
Hennessey V.S.O.P 4 cl, coffee